Inspections should take place within 10 days of the contract being accepted and will be coordinated by the buyer and their agent.

EMP (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing)

The EMP is a basic home inspection which evaluates many components of the home including but not limited to all light switches, electrical outlets and main breaker, the water meter, water heater, duct system, ceiling fans, fireplace, oven and cook top, dishwasher, built-inmicrowave, trash compactor, all sink faucets, toilets, tubs and showers, the furnace, and the air conditioning system when weather permits.


The inspection covers the main roof covering material only and will give buyers an estimate of how much life remains. Unless it is raining at time of inspection or there has been a recent heavy rain, it may not be possible to detect a roof leak.


A structural engineer can identify any visible distress indicating foundation settlement, i.e. structurally significant cracks in the slab, sheetrock cracks, veneer cracks, visible structural frame deficiencies, etc. and make recommendations for repair. It’s important to note that a general home inspector cannot evaluate and make the same recommendations as a structural engineer.


Radon is a gas that moves from the soil into a home. Testing your home will identify radon levels and determine if corrective action is suggested.


An exterminating company will inspect your home and yard for troublesome rodents, insects, spiders and termites while also checking your property for any rotted wood or moisture damage.


Other popular inspections include the testing of the chimney, sprinkler system, sewer line scope, septic system, pool and spa, as well as evaluating the crawl space (if applicable). Be sure to tell me if you want any of these additional inspections performed since they are an additional cost and may even require different inspectors to be scheduled. It is also important to note that the inspection only covers the main dwelling, therefore shops, detached garages, pool houses, and other structures are not included unless specifically requested and an additional fee will likely be applied.


When it’s time for inspections, you want to pick someone you trust to get the job done right. Uncle Bob says he can do it, and that’s fine… But do you trust him with your future house?

I trust these guys.










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